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"Four entrances" safety protection measures

1. Stair entrances protection

1.2m high protective carved railings and 30cm high skirting rods are set at the stair entrances and edges, and dense mesh type Enron is hung at the side of the rod

2. Protection of reserved openings

1. The reserved openings within 1.2m2 are firmly protected with a qualitative lifting fixed cover plate: for openings above 1.5m2, 18cm high skirting rods and two level rods of 0.6m and 1.2m are set around them. The side of the carved fence is securely protected with dense mesh. The effect of hanging a computer at the opening includes the collection, transmission, response, analysis, display and printing of test data

2. The measures for portal protection should be finalized and Eastern European, and bamboo protection is not allowed

3. Passageway protection

1. Protective sheds shall be set up at the passageway of the main body of the crane and the exit of the derrick hoist. The shed is wider than the crossing, 1m longer at both ends and 2m higher vertically. Two floors are set on the shed top, with a spacing of more than 30cm

2. If the distance between the line and the edge of the building is less than 5m and 7.5m on the inner and outer roads of the garden, the passage protection shed shall be set up. The two layers on the top of the shed shall be set with a spacing of more than 30cm, and a safety net shall be hung under the bottom layer. 8. The cement pressure testing machine does not need to be debugged

3. The mortar machine, mixer, mixing plant, reinforcement workers and woodworking plant shall be provided with simple protective sheds for operation

4. Various protective sheds shall be provided with isolated supports, which shall be firm, reliable and safe. It is strictly prohibited to set up with moso bamboo, and shall not be suspended on the outer frame

5. The road crossing on the ground floor that does not enter the building shall adopt the method of preventing passage and set up prevention signs

4. Slab, layer and other edge protection

1. The slab, layer and other edge protection shall be provided with two degree poles of 1.2m and 0.6m, and the characteristics of errors caused by the above two factors are that the inner side of the large pole is closed safely with dense mesh for small load, and the protective carved fence is painted red and white

2. Measures such as protective carved fence shall be firmly connected with the building to ensure the safety and reliability of protective measures

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