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Secondary structure masonry safety protection scheme

construction unit:

bid section II of plot B1 of affordable housing project is located in XXXXXXXX, with 8 the historical cornice is 57.90m high, with one floor underground, The structure type is shear wall structure

construction elevator is used for vertical transportation of secondary structure. The wall material is aerated concrete block, and the masonry mortar is dry powder mortar. The secondary masonry work is planned to be organized after the scaffold outside the cantilever is removed. For this construction process, there are potential safety hazards such as edge protection of construction portal and high-altitude falling. This safety protection measure is specially prepared after the research and discussion of the project department

II. Potential safety hazards and analysis

before the removal of cantilever scaffold, the secondary structure construction can be organized only after the edge opening protection, reserved opening protection, safe passage protection, etc. are inspected and accepted and meet the requirements

1. During masonry construction, there are hidden dangers of edge protection in reserved openings, elevator entrances, stair entrances, etc. on the construction floor

2. During the masonry construction, the protection of the edge opening needs to be removed, which has the potential safety hazard of falling from height

III. safety protection measures

1. Organizational measures

was established as the project manager. Why? After all the screws were polished by copper wire? As the team leader, the special leading group in charge of the division of the foremen of each building No.,

2. Technical measures

(1) during the masonry construction, the edge protection shall be removed at the same time as the masonry. The edge protection shall not be removed for the edge opening without construction

(2) operators at the construction layer shall wear labor protection articles, and violators shall be removed from the site

(3) the bricklayer shall fasten the safety belt and connect it with the shear wall

(4) masonry workers shall wear safety helmets correctly during masonry

(5) it is strictly prohibited to play, fight, go to work after sprinkling and throw objects from high places to avoid falling from high places and hitting objects

3. Management measures

(1) technical director and safety officer shall conduct special safety disclosure to construction personnel. Carry out pre shift safety speech every day to enhance safety awareness and ensure safe production

(2) before the secondary structure masonry, the edge protection of each floor shall be erected in place, inspected layer by layer, and the key parts such as elevator entrance, stair entrance, reserved hole and construction elevator entrance shall be inspected, and the safety inspection account shall be established. The person in charge of the building number shall be responsible for daily inspection and recording

(3) strengthen safety patrol and resolutely stop illegal operations

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