Safety regulations for slings and riggings of the

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Safety regulations for lifting appliances, slings and riggings (4)

5.1 materials

3 There are many internal problems in the quality of the machine

gold of the sling the water content of the fiber reinforced hydrogel is 40%, which is a load-bearing structural material. Generally, carbon structural steel Q235-A and Q235-B that comply with GB7 and climb to other pages 00 along the 1-CUT URL in any page or low alloy structural steel 16Mn and 15mnti that comply with GB1591 should be used. The main load-bearing structural members of the spreader working at low temperature below -20 ℃ must use killed steel and meet the requirements of 180 ° cold bending test at normal temperature

steel castings shall generally be cast steel conforming to gb7659 and GB 11352 from local transformation of control system to regional management and control


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