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[the future of industrial safety] safety related implementation of modular machine solutions

fmcg manufacturers' modern production lines depend on flexibility and modularity. In particular, 2 is the robust data processing function. In complex production and packaging processes, modular machine manufacturing has been practiced in many places: therefore, modern machine solutions composed of different machine modules have been produced, and these machine modules sometimes come from different manufacturers that will achieve a recovery rate of 90% by 2025. In the sense of flexible production, these modules must be able to be replaced or formed into new combinations according to the needs of FMCG manufacturers, which also brings special challenges to the realization of machine safety regulations

ensure high productivity while being highly flexible? Consumers' habits are constantly changing, while manufacturers hope to achieve batch production of 1. Therefore, the whole production process is required to be more flexible. However, this conflicts with the overall efficiency, availability and production efficiency (OEE). Replacing different machine modules, integrating new modules into the whole system, and re merging modules: all these mean not only the safety connection of machine components, but also a lot of work in wiring and programming for system operators

you can only use a higher-level security controller to achieve joint security

if the security functions of one machine module must also be provided to another machine module, these global security functions must be logically connected when a single machine module is combined into a complete equipment network at the latest. Depending on the type and location of the fault, it may be necessary to shut down only one machine. However, in the case of continuous feeding, for example, all upstream machine modules must be shut down to avoid damage or product loss. In the past, in order to solve this problem, a higher-level security controller was required. The controller sends these signals to the appropriate machine module. Especially when machines of different manufacturers are used, the manual programming workload in the upper controller is very large. In addition to the initial workload, we should also consider the workload at the time of change, which is not only time-consuming and expensive, but also adds complexity. On the contrary, the above situation leads to longer downtime and reduces the overall efficiency of the equipment

flexibility and productivity are thus combined.

sick Flexi line can securely connect up to 32 Flexi soft workstations and interconnect the security functions of multiple machines. Flexi line is a standard feature in the Flexi soft main module, so no additional modules are required. Therefore, the programming in the upper device controller is omitted. Not only that: the equipment operator only needs to define the flow chart once according to the needs, and then transfer it to the machine manufacturer. This solves the safety application of the whole equipment. The results determine the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation: different machine modules can be put into use gradually, or different machine components can be supplemented and integrated into the whole system. And no addressing is required: the deletion, addition and sequence change of Flexi soft workstations can be completed through simple teaching, which significantly reduces the programming work

flexi line has many advantages in the field of modular machine manufacturing: it is simpler and the failure rate is lower during the implementation of safety connection. The real FMCG can realize rapid product change according to the measurement requirements of the tested object, and continuously improve the production efficiency

sick Flexi line combines the safety functions of multiple machines

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