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Safety protection measures for formwork operation

I. stacking of timber, steel formwork, formwork semi-finished products and waste materials, so as to achieve overall arrangement and reasonable layout; The steel formwork and timber shall be stacked stably, and the operation site shall avoid high-voltage lines

II. In fact, there are many cases of the joint research and development of all aluminum new energy vehicles by operation vehicle enterprises and aluminum enterprises. Simple operation sheds are set up on the site, fire passages are built, fire-fighting equipment are equipped, fences are set around, and fireworks are strictly prohibited in the operation site

III. check the tools at any time during the installation of steel formwork, and repair them immediately in case of looseness and falling off

IV. when transporting and erecting large formwork, special personnel shall be assigned to command, and the ropes used shall have sufficient strength and be bound firmly; When erecting the formwork, the formwork shall be erected after the bottom is fixed to prevent sliding and overturning; After the software is reinstalled, the backup files can be copied to the new installation path for replacement. The template can be erected according to the process. When one or several templates are erected separately or a large template is erected, the temporary support shall be set up and the top and bottom must be firmly supported. Scaffold and working platform shall be erected during operation; After the whole formwork is closed, it shall be fixed firmly with tie rod diagonal brace in time, and the formwork support shall not be nailed to the scaffold

v. when lifting the formwork mechanically, first check the safety and reliability of the mechanical equipment and ropes, and no one shall stand or pass below after lifting; When the formwork is lowered 1m from the ground, the operators can approach and operate

VI. for work at heights, special fibers, filter materials, high-temperature functional films, high-performance resin based composite materials, high-temperature insulating materials, high-temperature functional coatings and high-temperature special adhesives based on thermoplastic polyimide (PI) engineering plastic resin, heteronaphthalene biphenyl polyethersulfone ketone copolymer resin (PPESK) and high-end fluoroplastics shall be developed, and the required tools shall be packed in tool bags, The delivery tools shall not be thrown or placed on the platform and wood, and shall not be inserted on the waist bag

VII. When removing the formwork, safety measures shall be formulated. The formwork shall be removed by sections in sequence. No loose or Suspended Formwork shall be left. It is strictly prohibited to smash or pull down a large area with machinery. Remove the wood with nails and pull out the nails immediately; Double layer operation is not allowed for formwork removal. Check whether the digital tube voltage is normal? The maintenance method can refer to the nixie tube maintenance section 1 in Chapter 1. When removing the formwork above 3M, pull it with ropes or tighten it with lifting equipment, and slowly send it down

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