Safety regulations for construction basket at the

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Safety regulations for hanging baskets for work at heights

1. executive standard: gb5083 – 85 general principles for safety and health design of production equipment

industry standard: jg5027 – 92 safety plan for hanging baskets for work at heights

Shanghai local standard: safety regulations for work at heights db31/95 – 1998

gb5972 – 86 code of practice for Wire Rope Inspection and scrapping

gb6095 – 85 safety belt

jg5027 – 92 safety regulations for work at heights basket

jg/t5032 – 93 work at heights basket

2. definition

this standard adopts the following definitions

2.1 hanging basket

from the upper part of the building, use steel wire rope to pass through the suspension mechanism, and carry out engineering along the suspended platform suspended on the facade. Because it is difficult to measure the real σ e. The stress when the residual elongation of the sample reaches 0.01% of the original gauge length is often taken as the elastic limit, and σ 0.01 refers to a kind of operation equipment running up and down. Including the hanging basket permanently set on the building and the hanging basket temporarily erected on the building

2.2 rated load

the maximum value of the sum of the masses of operators and their tools allowed on the suspension platform

2.3 lifting device

a transmission device that can make the suspended platform run up and down

2.4 the working rope

is hung separately, which is used to carry the rope of the hanging platform or hanging plate

2.5 safety wire rope

a rope that can prevent the suspension platform from falling when the working rope is broken

2.6 the safety lock

is installed between the safety wire rope and the suspension platform. When the speed of the suspension platform reaches the speed of the lock rope or the inclination reaches the angle of the safety lock rope, it can automatically lock the safety wire rope and stop the operation of the suspension platform immediately

3. basic requirements

3.1 The failure load of life rope shall be greater than 23534.4n. When the height of the building is greater than 70m, its own weight shall be considered for the load of the life rope, and its safety factor shall be greater than 10 after bearing

3.2 buildings with hanging baskets and pedestal climbing boards shall comply with gbj9

3.3 the units manufacturing, installing and maintaining suspension devices in this city shall be approved by the municipal labor administrative department

3.4 units of other provinces and cities engaged in the installation of suspension devices in this city shall hold the qualification approval certificate of the local provincial labor administrative department and submit it to the municipal labor administrative department for filing

4. operating environment requirements

4.1 ambient temperature - 10 ℃ ~+40 ℃

4.2 the relative humidity of air shall not exceed 90%

4.2.1 the wind speed at the working place of operators is less than 10. 8m/s (equivalent to gust level 6)

4.2.2 no severe weather such as heavy fog, rainstorm and snow

4.2.3 it is more than 10m away from the high-voltage line

5. safety requirements

5.1 the installation, maintenance and operation personnel of the hanging basket shall obtain the special operation safety operation certificate issued by the municipal labor administrative department before stopping work

5.2 requirements for operators

5.2.1 no diseases and physiological defects unsuitable for high-altitude operation

5.2.2 special operation safety operation certificate with personal photo shall be worn during operation

5.2.3 safety helmet and safety belt shall be worn during operation. The self-locking hook on the safety belt shall be fastened on the life rope which is hung separately at the firm part on the top of the building

5.2.4 operators are not allowed to step from one suspension platform to another

5.2.5 operators have the right to require the user to take corresponding labor protection measures in case of potential accidents or unsafe factors. The management personnel of the using unit shall have the right to refuse to carry out the command against rules and order risky operation

5.3 use requirements

5.3.1 each suspension equipment shall establish product use, inspection, repair and maintenance files

5.3.2 a warning line shall be set under the hanging operation area, and a "no entry" sign shall be set at an eye-catching place

5.3.3 the hanging basket shall not be used as an electric appliance, and it is not allowed to set another sling on the hanging platform without authorization

5.3.4 it is not allowed to use ladders, stools, pads, etc. in the suspended platform for operation

5.3.5 the load placed in the suspension platform shall be evenly distributed and shall not exceed the rated load

5.3.6 during the operation of the suspended platform, the operators shall not carry out construction operations, and shall pay close attention to the surrounding conditions. In case of any abnormality, the power supply shall be cut off immediately

5.3.7 when the permanent hanging basket is shifted horizontally, it shall be lifted to the roof position first; In case of horizontal displacement of the non permanent hanging basket, it shall be placed at the bottom first

5.3.8 after the operation, the permanent hanging basket shall be parked at the specified position on the roof; The non permanent hanging basket shall be parked at the bottom position and fixed

5.3.9 it is not allowed to use after the rope is connected

5.3.10 when electric welding is carried out in the suspended platform, insulation protection shall be done, and steel wire rope shall not be used as the welding grounding wire

5.3.11 the safety lock handle and self-locking hook shall not be manually supported by objects to make them invalid

5.3.12 the electrical control box shall be operated by one person, and the power supply shall be cut off immediately in case of abnormal conditions

5.3.13 during operation, construction tools shall be properly kept to prevent falling objects

5.3.14 measures in case of emergency:

a) cut off the power supply immediately in case of power failure during operation to prevent accidents in case of sudden power call

b) in case of rope breaking during operation, the operator shall timely and safely 1 Maximum experimental force: 50000n (5T); Evacuate from the site and be handled by professionals

5.3.15 if the hanging basket cannot be used for operation due to the restriction of the building structure, relevant safety measures shall be implemented and the pedestal climbing board or self-made hanging device can be used for operation only after being approved by the leaders of the enterprise

6. hanging intelligent, ultrabook, led and intelligent household appliances are the key baskets in the electronic information and electrical industry. Safety inspection

6.1 newly installed hanging baskets, after overhaul and idle for more than one year shall be implemented according to the following requirements before use

6.1.1 check the safety performance of the following parts and components

a) limit device and braking device

b) safety lock

c) lifting device (including manual lifting device)

d) wire rope locking device

e) electrical safety devices

f) whether the fasteners are loose

g) whether the moving parts are stuck

h) whether the reduction gearbox and transmission device have enough oil

6.1.2 the load test shall be conducted at 125% of the rated load (the load shall be uniformly distributed

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