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Since its establishment, the brand of comfortable living has paid more attention to the quality of products. Since the listing of zixierju, the concept has always been "do a good job for every customer"

interview guest: Wang Yongwei, general manager of Guangzhou Conghua Yuju furniture factory

Huiya information "China Wardrobe": Hello! With the strengthening of consumers' awareness of safeguarding their rights, "3.15" has been paid more and more attention. According to media reports, in 2013, the 12315 center of Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce and the municipal consumer committee accepted 1974 furniture complaints, accounting for 15.7% of the total complaints of daily necessities. What is your opinion on this

president Wang: this proportion is relatively high. Furniture is one of so many commodities. If the proportion is really so high, it is really terrible. This is related to the whole household industry. Because there are many furniture manufacturers. Furniture can be subdivided into many categories, and each category has different manufacturers, large and small. Large brands and manufacturers pay more attention to product quality, but like customized furniture, because the threshold of entry is relatively low, it is relatively chaotic. At present, after eleven or two years of development, the whole wardrobe market is becoming more and more mature and standardized, and consumers will have higher and higher requirements for products. However, not all manufacturers have such a long history of development. Because unlike finished furniture, customized furniture has higher requirements for products, management and quality control. Customization is not mass production. Each cabinet has different requirements, such as color, specification, etc., so when there are many goods produced at the same time in the workshop, if the quality control is not good, it is easy to have quality problems. Some new manufacturers' management ability in this aspect often fails to meet the requirements, so the products will lead to relatively high complaints when they go to consumers

Huiya information "China Wardrobe": the products have bulges and cracks, the content of receipts is not standardized, the distribution and installation are inconsistent with the original orders of consumers, the furniture tastes pungent, and the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, which have always been the hot issues of consumer complaints. Does comfortable living also encounter such complaints, and what are the countermeasures

president Wang: this year is the twelfth year of the development of comfortable living. Comfortable living entered the custom wardrobe industry relatively early. After so many years of accumulation and development, I have some experience in quality control

since its establishment, the brand of comfortable living has paid more attention to the quality of products. I think when customers buy your products, quality is their biggest concern. If the quality is not good, it will be difficult for this brand to develop in the market in the future. Our philosophy has always been "do a good job for every customer". I hope this customer can bring more potential customers in the future, so as to expand the reputation and influence of the market. To do this, we must work hard on production management. Our bar code management and numerical control equipment serve this production management. Since 2007, kerju has been using barcode management. This is relatively early in the industry. At that time, only twoorthree enterprises used this barcode management. We hope to improve product quality and production efficiency with the help of scientific management, and finally give consumers more satisfactory products

in terms of store design, including installation, there are also many complaints about consumer fees. In terms of design, if the designed products can not meet the requirements of consumers, consumers will have complaints. The design should not only consider whether the production is easy to do and whether it can be produced, but also consider whether the on-site installation is good according to the design drawings. If only the drawings look beautiful, but the actual production is difficult to do. Products that are reluctantly made in this way are also prone to problems. If the design is beautiful, it is difficult to install, and the specific space conditions of the customer's bedroom are not taken into account. Finally, the installation quality is poor, and the customer will complain

in general, there are several main points to reduce consumer complaints: first, strictly grasp production quality and production management; 2、 Train the designers and installers of exclusive stores to improve their technical level and business ability and provide better services for consumers

Huiya information "China's Wardrobe": at the same time, wardrobe enterprises often carry out a series of promotional activities around "3.15". Excuse me, what is the plan of the "3.15" this year

president Wang: a double festival promotion was held together with the "March 8th Festival" this year, and the most popular blister series products were taken as promotional products. Our promotion is to use preferential prices to really make profits to consumers, rather than to clean up inventory like other manufacturers. Discount the products with advantageous promotion

"3.15" promotional activities are different in different stores. For the stores that have completed the activities, the effect is OK, but there is also a problem. More and more brands are promoting this year, so the effect of the activity may be lower than that of previous years. This situation exists in the whole industry, such as the current bargaining and group buying meetings, where the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In terms of consumers, they will also produce antibodies to these overwhelming activities

Huiya information "Chinese Wardrobe": you just mentioned the aesthetic fatigue of consumers on the marketing methods of the wardrobe industry. In the face of such a situation, will comfortable living introduce new marketing strategies to win market share

president Wang: it will be more difficult. Because you think of a good marketing method, others will soon follow. I think we should finally do a good job in customer service. This year, the focus of comfortable living in marketing is mainly on customer service, including pre-sales service and after-sales service. At present, many manufacturers do not focus much on pre-sales service. This year, we are going to make a series of efforts in pre-sales service to provide pre-sales services for every customer who wants to buy, such as free design, free 3D renderings, free budget, reference schemes for decoration, etc. These are the contents we are considering. The software for making 3D renderings is currently being upgraded. It is estimated that it will be ready in oneortwo months. At that time, we will make the pre-sales service more detailed

Huiya information "China Wardrobe": March is one of the busiest months for wardrobe people. After the exhibition, we have to prepare for the upcoming "May Day". In 2013, it held a series of preferential activities during the May Day holiday. Will there be any new promotion plans this year

president Wang: we will promote new material products for the promotion of May Day. This new material product adopts a new board made of American MDI glue without formaldehyde emission. This new product is a little different from similar products made of MDI glue in the market, such as Hexiang board. We use medium fiber board. The new product will be launched on May Day. The test results show that the physical properties of this board are better than Hexiang board, and its water resistance, mechanical deformation and other physical properties are better than Hexiang board. Therefore, the promotion of "May Day" is mainly carried out around new products

Huiya information "China Wardrobe": at present, how are the preparations going? What effect do you want to achieve

president Wang: at present, various materials are being prepared, and the "May Day" will be launched. I hope to give consumers another choice

Huiya information "China Wardrobe": Thank you, Mr. Wang, for your interview. I wish yierju 2014 another success




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