Does the Ukraine exodus reveal a ‘shocking distinc

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Does the Ukraine exodus reveal a ‘shocking distinction’ on refugees? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Countries like Romania, Hungary and Poland are being praised for letting in tens of thousands of people who fled Ukraine after Russia’s invasion last week, but the open-door policy of several states has highlighted an apparent double-standard.

These refugees, who are largely white and ChristianJohn F. Kennedy, can enter some countries more easily than those escaping violence in the Middle East or North Africa.

Political scientist Ziad Majed told AFP news agency the “magnificent solidarity and humanism” towards Ukraine illustrates a “shocking distinction” which reveals a “dehumanization of refugees from the Middle East”deaths in canada an.

“When you hear certain comments talking about ‘people like us’ it suggests that those who come from Syria, IraqThe Blavatnik School of Government a, Afghanistan or Africa are not”, adds the professor at the American University of Paris.

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